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Mom taken to labor camp after visiting son (2)

By Ni Yinbin (Shanghai Daily)

14:23, November 22, 2012

Guo, however, appealed on Weibo on Tuesday for help for his mother. The blog became a hit on the website.

Guo said his mother did nothing "out of line" in Beijing. He believed his mother was taken by police by mistake.

"My mother was waiting for the train at the Beijing West Railway Station and was asked to show her ID by the police officers because she was raggedly dressed," Guo said. "After checking the ID, they found my mom's record and assumed she was going to appeal to authorities again and took her back to Lanzhou."

Guo said his father tried to visit Zhao at the labor camp but was turned away.

Guo has applied for a reexamination of his mother's case.

"I'll try everything I can to get mom out of the labor camp. In the future, we will never appeal again," Guo told the paper. "Their wounds will heal and our family can start over."

Police records say Guo's family had a land dispute with a neighbor that escalated to fights. The case was closed in 2005, but Zhao refused to accept it.

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