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Chang'an leads overseas journey of self-owned brands (4)

(China Economic Net)

13:36, November 08, 2012

Creating an atmosphere of innovation by all staff

"Activity for reasonable suggestions", a public technical innovation activity, has been conducted for consecutive 11 years in Chang'an Auto. In order to encourage all staff to participate, Chang'an sets up a special award of over RMB 2 million yuan for reasonable suggestions every year.

Chang'an Auto has received 618,331 reasonable suggestions accumulatively from the staff in the past 10 years, adopted and implemented 412,493 suggestions, saved and created value account for RMB 1.9 billion yuan accumulatively and awarded 72 cars and premium valued at RMB 20 million yuan.

Planning in advance and looking forward into the future

China Automotive Technology & Research Centre released the C-NCAP (China-New Car Assessment Program) assessment results for new batch of car types of 2012 on September 2, 2012. Chang'an Eado obtained 5 stars for safety collision and became the only self-owned-brand car obtained 5-star safety assessment of C-NCAP among 6 car types to participate the assessment this time. It stands for another great progress of the Chinese self-owned-brand cars.

Chang'an Auto launched 5 new car types one after another in the market in 2012 including Raeton, Eado, CS35, Honor and Alsvin V5. They reflect the strength of independent innovation and profound accumulation of Chang'an Auto over the years and stand for upgrading achievement of the self-owned-brand products of Chang'an.

Presently, the Chinese auto industry is standing in the gate of transformation. Wang Ruixiang, chairman of China Machinery Industry Federation believed, "the Chinese self-owned auto brands must transform the development concept, make innovations in development mode, choose the way of depending on innovation and enhancing growth capability, and make much efforts in technical innovation and R&D, and in quality, safety, stability and comfort." Xu Liuping said, "if it fails to pass through the gate of independent innovation, it can never become an independent enterprise and can never set up a real self-owned brand."

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