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Chang'an leads overseas journey of self-owned brands (3)

(China Economic Net)

13:36, November 08, 2012

Setting up a high land of innovative talent

There is a sentence in the preface of Chang'an Auto leading cultural manual, "if Chang'an Auto wants to a world leading auto enterprise, first it should create a world leading team," said Xu Liuping, "Chang'an's talent strategy is to introduce, retain and make full use".

How to "introduce"? Relying on the global huge R&D system, Chang'an Auto sets up a high-end and complete R&D talent pool to attract diversified talents. Presently, there are about 6000 R&D persons in Chang'an with 10 of them selected into China's "Thousand Talents Program".

How to "retain"? Chang'an went to Detroit of the US to recruit talents in 2007. With rising development opportunity in Chinese auto industry and Chang'an Auto's determination on developing self-owned brand, Xu Liuping successfully attracted Pang Jian, a leading expert in the field of NVH (noise, vibration and harshness). Now, Doctor Pang Jiang, rooting deeply in Chang'an, leading a team of 200 people and owning 11 NVH laboratories, does a lot of works in aspects like product engineering, advanced technologies and basic research. The goal of the team is to become a world class team in 2015. Doctor Zhao Hui, as an expert in "Thousand Talents Program", also chooses to join Chang'an Auto. Under his lead, Chang'an Auto has established the world-class collision laboratory and owned a team of 97 special talents.

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