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Backgrounder: China's achievements under leadership of CPC in past 10 years (3)


15:46, November 06, 2012

Amid the world financial crisis, Hu attended the first summit between leaders of G-20 nations in November 2008, calling for joint efforts to overcome difficulties at that time.

China carried out the largest evacuation of Chinese nationals from the war-torn Libya in February and March last year.

China, now the world's second largest economic power, has played a big role in world affairs over the past decade. It sent warships to protect Chinese and foreign cargo vessels over sea areas plighted with pirates. In June 2012, it pumped an additional 43 billion U.S. dollars into the capital pool of the International Monetary Fund.

Meanwhile, the Chinese have taken substantial steps in safeguarding its territorial lands and waters, while resolutely curbing the activities of separatist forces.

Furthermore, the Party has stepped up its efforts in fighting corruption. Between November 2007 and June this year, the country's disciplinary and inspection departments have handled over 640,000 cases and transferred over 24,000 people to judicial departments.

The CPC has vowed to usher in a more prosperous society in China by 2021 when the Party turns 100 years old. In addition, it has vowed to turn China into a modernized socialist nation being rich, democratic, civic and harmonious by 2049, the year the People's Republic of China celebrates its 100th anniversary.

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