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18th CPC National Congress: A crucial event for China (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:27, November 06, 2012

On the other hand, the country is also facing many difficulties and problems, including increased economic downward pressure. Authoritative research institutions said that China was approaching the end of the miraculous era of nearly double-digit growth. There are still certain systematic and structural problems affecting the long-term healthy development of Chinese society and economy, and the reforms in certain key areas remain timid.

At the 18th national congress, the Party needs to figure out how it will draw on past invaluable experience, open up a path of innovation, meet the people’s needs, solve problems concerning the people’s vital interests, and introduce more suitable policies at the macro and micro levels for improving the people’s living standards.

China is faced with new challenges in handling relations with the big countries, developing countries and its neighbors. In the era of economic globalization, China must map out a new strategy to continue the road of peaceful development, meanwhile avoiding risks and seizing opportunities. Now, China occupies such an important status in the world that a slight change will impact the entire world.

In the face of new problems and challenges, as well as new situation and expectation, China will develop new measures and methods on the occasion of convening the 18th National Congress of the CPC, preparing for further development.

People are looking forward to the convening of the 18th National Congress of the CPC because it may mean the new beginning of a great revolution to China and even the world.

Read the Chinese version: 十八大召开在即 中国迎来“关键时刻”, source: Xinhua

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