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China Focus: Cooperation key to future Sino-U.S. ties: analysts (3)

By Li Laifang and Wang Xiaojie (Xinhua)

08:37, November 05, 2012

China now has the world's No. 2 gross domestic product (GDP). Experts believe it is just a matter of time for China to surpass the United States in terms of GDP.

Since last fall, the Obama administration has been implementing its "Pivot" policy by expanding and intensifying its political, diplomatic and military involvement in the Asia-Pacific region. The fundamental goal underpinning this shift is to maintain U.S. dominance in the resource-rich and fastest-growing region at a time of heightened concern over China's rise.

As the world's economic center shifts to the Asia-Pacific, the United States made use of its soft power to focus on the area, said Wu. The Asia-Pacific has more importance than before in U.S. global strategy after its troops' withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, analysts have also pointed out.

"The 'return' to the Asia-Pacific region is a significant adjustment of U.S. strategy by the Obama administration, which will increase its competition with China," said Ni Feng, deputy director of the U.S. Studies Institute of the CASS. "But the continuity of the shift is doubtful. The instability in the region may eventually affect its goals."

Some analysts said the shift was actually aimed at dealing with rising China and reflected a lack of trust at strategic levels for the two countries.

They should try to avoid hostility by always keeping open the channels of dialogue, Ni added.

"China and the United States have various joint interests. They have both cooperation and competition. It is their consensus not to engage themselves in hostility," said Wu.

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