China opposes U.S. restraining development rights in name of competition

(Xinhua) 08:09, March 19, 2024

BEIJING, March 18 (Xinhua) -- China stands against the U.S. interfering in China's internal affairs under the pretext of human rights and values, and restraining China's legitimate right to development in the name of competition, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Monday.

Spokesperson Lin Jian made the remarks at a daily press briefing in response to a query about recent China-related comments from U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns.

"We noted that Ambassador Burns has recently made negative comments on China on multiple occasions. These statements deviate from the important common understandings reached by the presidents of China and the U.S. at the summit meeting in San Francisco," Lin said, adding that such negative comments do not serve the sound and steady growth of China-U.S. relations.

Lin said China always follows the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation in handling and growing the bilateral relations. "We hope that the U.S. will work with China in the same direction and implement the important common understandings and vision reached by the two presidents at the summit meeting in San Francisco to promote the steady, sound and sustainable growth of the bilateral relations."

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Liang Jun)


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