New pet services emerge in Nanning, S China's Guangxi

(People's Daily Online) 13:16, January 10, 2024

As the young generation's mindsets have advanced these years, pet care services, such as pet wash and funerals, have emerged in Nanning city, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Born in the 2000s, Ban Fuwen found that many pet owners have a need for pet cleaning services at home and started to run a pet shop in 2023, providing SPA services for pets at home. With his own team, he promotes his pet shop on social media platforms to attract customers. The monthly turnover of his shop ranges from 70,000 yuan ($9,790) to 80,000 yuan.

A pet groomer provides in-home wash service for a cat, Jan. 6, 2024. (Photo/Yu Jing)

He is fully confident in the prospects of the service, saying that in-home pet wash can reduce the risk of cross-infection among pets and lower the chances of getting sick. The whole process is also easy for pet owners to follow.

Another post-2000s entrepreneur, Gan Zhaoyun, focuses on intelligent pet raising. Gan built a smart pet living environment, which includes smart cameras, automated feeders and other equipment. Gan also sells pet products on short video platforms, and helps customers select pet food and supplies online. Gan believes that most pet owners want convenience, so intelligent pet services are a growing trend.

Research firm iiMedia Research says China's pet economy industry is expected to reach 811.4 billion yuan by 2025.

Yao Hua, director of the institute of sociology at the Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences, believes that young entrepreneurs have an advantage in the pet industry as they are more sensitive to fashion and emotional attachment. Yao said, "As pet owners invest more time and money into their pets, the demand in the pet market continues to expand, with novel and personalized services becoming the new trend."

(Web editor: Hongyu, Liang Jun)


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