Chinese-singing competition held in South Australia

(Xinhua) 09:37, November 19, 2023

CANBERRA, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) -- The 2023 Australian Voice Chinese-Singing Competition was held in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, on Saturday, with three girls from local Walford Anglican School winning the first prize.

Started in 2022, the competition has received wide support from the local community, schools and Chinese learners. In 2023, the competition attracted over 600 participants from more than 30 local schools and individuals.

John Taplin, the honorary president of the Australia-China Cultural Promotion Association, expressed in his speech that music serves as a bridge for communication, contributing to the exchange and dissemination of cultural diversity. Holding such a competition in Adelaide, known as the UNESCO City of Music, is very meaningful.

According to the organizer, Xiaojing Zhai, the secretary-general of the Australia-China Cultural Promotion Association, the purpose of introducing this singing competition is to encourage enthusiasm for learning Chinese in the local community, promote the development of Australia's multiculturalism, and facilitate cultural exchange.

The three students, who won the first prize with their performance of the classic Chinese song "Friends," are classmates in the Chinese language class. In the interview, they expressed their inspiration for winning the award.

Kasha, one of the award-winning students, mentioned that Chinese is a very interesting, beautiful, and charming language. Alana, a student in the 11th grade, shared that after five years of learning Chinese, she has developed a strong interest in China's rich cuisine, culture, and history and plans to continue studying Chinese in the future.

Another student Amelie's mother Heather Rickman shared that their family is planning a trip to China, and Amelie will be the guide.

The teacher, Ms. Belinda, said music plays a particularly important role in cross-cultural communication, and students are excited to learn Chinese and sing meaningful songs through such opportunities. 

(Web editor: Zhao Tong, Liang Jun)


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