Meet snow leopard Scar, king of Qilian Mountains

(People's Daily App) 15:12, October 24, 2023

In this captivating documentary, photographer Yuan Ming will take you on a four-year journey of filming and studying the lives of local snow leopards in the stunning Qilian Mountains in Gansu Province, Northwest China. The documentary focuses on a highly recognizable snow leopard Scar, named after the distinctive scars on his forehead. The scars are evidence of his battles for dominance in the mountain kingdom. Scar's life is not without challenges. Navigating the harsh and oxygen-deprived environment of the high altitudes poses significant obstacles, making hunting and survival an even greater struggle. Over the years, Yuan Ming and his team's persistent observation has allowed them to witness Scar's remarkable journey as he finds a mate, and builds a flourishing family amidst the untamed beauty of the highlands. Today marks International Snow Leopard Day. It was set to recognize the significance of these majestic creatures in high-altitude ecosystems. However, they are also known for their vulnerability, as they only appear when the food chain is intact and the environment hospitable. (Produced by Yuan Ming, Shi Shengyuan, Liang Peiyu, Li Bowen and Han Xiaomeng; Intern Zhao Jiankai also contributed to the story)

(Web editor: Tian Yi, Liang Jun)


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