Shandong's Dezhou: gearing up to lead in silicon materials industry

By Li Jiaying (Chinadaily.com.cn) 08:02, October 16, 2023

Recently, a high-purity sputtering target project for integrated circuits officially commenced mass production in the Tianqu New District of Dezhou, Shandong province, said its producer, YouyanYijin New Materials Co Ltd.

These targets are primarily used for the production of 12-inch large-scale wafers. Once in full operation, they are expected to capture more than 20 percent of the global market share in the field of sputtering targets for integrated circuits.

While the project serves as a flagship of the integrated circuit industry in the district, it also vividly showcases the flourishing development of the thriving sector.

In recent years, the Tianqu New District has given top priority to the development of the integrated circuit industry. By undertaking innovative reforms, effective resource allocation, and intensified efforts to attract investment, the district has actively promoted the deep integration of the industrial, innovation and value chains, and has played a pivotal role in the development of the integrated circuit industry in Shandong.

From January to August this year, the integrated circuit industry in the district achieved a revenue of 4.31 billion yuan ($590 million), representing about 40 percent of the city's total revenue in the sector. Notably, the district's revenue of the three "core" sub-sectors of integrated circuits — materials, designing, and packaging testing — also accounted for 96 percent of the city's total, signaling its simultaneous increase in both quantity and quality.

The accelerated development of the integrated circuit industry in Dezhou's Tianqu New District has drawn in leading domestic electronic information companies. To date, the region has attracted 121 such enterprises, including 36 large-scale ones.

The development layout is forming a diversified and synergistic "one core, multiple elements" industrial ecosystem surrounding core manufacturers such as YouyanYijin New Materials Co Ltd, Qorvo Inc, Kuncheng Electronics Co and Tongyuanwei Semiconductor.

"As of now, Shandong's Dezhou is actively establishing itself as a critical national hub for integrated circuit key materials. Tianqu New District in Dezhou has successively introduced significant projects such as joint semiconductor packaging and testing by Weixun, large-sized silicon wafer production by Qorvo Inc, and more," said Li Tao, a member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the management committee of the district.

"This will propel Dezhou's silicon materials industry to the forefront of integrated circuit key materials in the country," Li added.

(Web editor: Tian Yi, Liang Jun)


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