Guyanese journalist: China is helping other countries to get on their feet

(People's Daily Online) 15:59, June 28, 2023

My name is Shaquawn Hamilton Gill. This is my first time being here in China. It's been a phenomenal experience so far.

The only information I had of China prior to coming to China was basically the media that was fed to me in my home country. But now that I am here, being able to visit a lot of the political, historical sites in China, seeing how China was able to progress over the years. And not just that, but seeing the natural beauty of China, seeing the fact that it's not the way many sections of the media painted. It's a completely different experience.

President Xi Jinping has been really promoting the idea of a shared community, the idea of bringing countries together in a harmonious way. And I think that the concept and philosophy behind that is a really beautiful idea.

Through several projects, but mainly the Belt and Road Initiative, China has been able to play a pivotal role in its own development, by expanding its economy and things of that nature, but also helping other countries to get on their feet, to be able to have the infrastructure that is necessary for economic growth. It's a brilliant idea and has been executed perfectly over the last few years.

You know, China and Guyana, our relations go way back. 2022 marked the 50th anniversary of our relationship. We have been strengthening that relationship in multiple areas of cooperation, in trade, student exchanges. We've seen a lot of that, specifically in the medical area.

But over the last few years, since 2018, we signed onto the Belt and Road Initiative, and since then, we've had the opportunity to benefit from this initiative.

And there are three projects that are currently ongoing.

So we have the China-Guyana friendship park. That will provide an area for recreational activities, for cultural activities that happen.

We have a new bridge that will be linking two parts of the country so that economic trade can expand on that other side. More people can want to live over there.

And there is also the East-Coast Phase Two Road. That is also another project. We've had for a very long time the issue of connectivity. And so now having the opportunity to expand our roadways and have new infrastructure, travel infrastructure, I think, will open up several opportunities. More businesses can expand. Employment opportunities, of course, will definitely be available for the people of Guyana.

With Guyana spending 50 years already in a strong relationship with China, I can only imagine that the relationship will grow stronger. It will ensure that there are mutual benefits for people, both in China and in Guyana.

If we can see more educational opportunities and other areas as well expanded, for more young people to be involved and be a part of, and if those opportunities are provided, I know that the relationship will definitely grow stronger. Our Guyanese people will benefit significantly, and they'll be able to see the world in that shared community, like President Xi Jinping is hoping that it happens.

(Web editor: Zhang Wenjie, Wu Chengliang)


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