Uganda journalist: China-Africa cooperation is based on mutual respect

By Peng Yukai, Emukule Francis (People's Daily Online) 16:16, June 26, 2023

My name is Emukule Francis, and I’m from Uganda. I'm a multimedia journalist.

This is my first time in China. I’ve come to understand how things work here, and I also came to realize that a lot of things that are done here or the way things are done here can actually be done back home. For me, looking at how smartly and strategic China is doing these things, (making) policies for its people is really something that is amazing. With the way China does things and its influence out of China, especially with its modernization policy, I believe more countries can learn a few things from these, and also better the state of living in their countries.

The role that the BRI has played is partly due to the China-Africa corporations and China-Uganda corporations. There's an upgrade of the Entebbe International Airport in terms of specifically for the cargo area, whereby it's estimated that once it's done (for its) construction, there is going to be an upgrade. The amount of 150,000 tons of goods will be passing through it on annual basis, which is like double the initial amount.

The other one is employment. Uganda right now has about six industrial parks that belong to Chinese people, and they employ about 80,000 Ugandans. You realize that when people get employed, their lives has changed, their standards of living has changed, they're able to take their children to school. Their purchasing power increases. So there is economic development.

I’m hoping and praying that going forward in future, for the people to people exchange, (there will be) more businessmen from China can go to Uganda, and those from Uganda can come to China to do business. If China and Africa prioritize mutual respect for one another and focus on building the community with a shared future, I believe the future of Africa, first of all, will be better. And China’s influence will grow beyond lips and bonds from where it is right now.

I really hope that whatever China is doing with Uganda is based on pure sentiments, as they say, in terms of mutual respect for one another. This is something that Africa and Uganda will not regret working with China.

(Web editor: Peng Yukai, Wu Chengliang)


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