Get to know which wildlife NW China's Qinghai placed under state protection

(People's Daily Online) 16:48, May 24, 2023

Photo shows a snow leopard. (Photo courtesty of Sanjiangyuan National Park administration bureau)

The snow leopard is under first-class state protection in China. The big cat, often found near the alpine snow line, is known as the "king of snow mountains."

The snow leopard's white-gray coat spotted with black rosettes blends in perfectly with rocks. In recent years, the population of snow leopards in northwest China's Qinghai Province has risen to more than 1,200.

 Przewalski's gazelles. (Photo/Caixiangrenzeng)

Przewalski's gazelles, a national first-class protected animal in China, are one of the most engendered wild animals in the world and a flagship species in areas surrounding Qinghai Lake. The population of the precious species in Qinghai has increased to over 3,000 from more than 300 at the end of last century.

Black-necked cranes. (Photo/Aangzha)

Listed as a bird species under national first-class protection, black-necked cranes mainly inhabit plateaus, meadows, marshes, reed swamps, lakeside meadow swamps and river valley swamps at altitudes of 2,500-5,000 meters. The black-necked crane is the only crane species that inhabits plateau areas in the world.

White-lipped deer. (Photo/Batunasheng)

White-lipped deer, also known as Thorold's deer, are under China's first-class protection. The white-lipped deer is a large deer species.

Bar-headed geese. (Photo/Duotai)

Bar-headed geese with taupe feathers are easily distinguished by the black bars on their head for which they get their common name. The birds can fly as high as 9,000 meters.

The naked carp. (Photo/Zhou Yuanfeng)

The naked carp, known as "Huangyu" in China, is endemic to Qinghai Lake and under second-class state protection. They help maintain the stability of Qinghai Lake's ecosystem. The fish was listed on the China Species Red List as an endangered species in 2004. Last year, the naked carp inhabiting Qinghai Lake added up to 114,100 tonnes.

 Polystichum glaciale Christ. (Photo courtesty of Qinghai provincial forestry and grassland administration)

Polystichum glaciale Christ is a plant species under first-class state protection in China and grows in desert areas at altitudes between 4,000 meters and 4,500 meters. The species was found during a biodiversity survey in the Qilian Mountain National Park in Qinghai. It was a newly recorded species in the province.

Saussurea medusa Maxim. (Photo courtesty of Qinghai provincial forestry and grassland administration)

Saussurea medusa Maxim is a precious flowering plant in the Saussurea genus in the Asteraceae family. It is a perennial and grows at altitudes between 3,000 meters and 5,600 meters. It is a traditional Chinese herb and is under second-class state protection in China.

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