World Meets Chinese Tea Culture | Mint green tea

By Faiza, Wang Jing, Peng Yukai, Su Yingxiang (People's Daily Online) 15:40, May 21, 2023

Mint green tea is a special drink made by boiling green tea leaves, white granulated sugar and mint leaves. It is tasty and refreshing, and is popular in Arab countries in North Africa, including Algeria.

To make mint green tea, people in North Africa first use boiling water to wash away the astringent taste and dust of green tea leaves. They then boil water in a silver teapot and put tea and spearmint leaves into it, boiling them for several minutes. They can also add white granulated sugar according to taste.

Most tea leaves consumed in North Africa are imported from China, and Chinese green tea leaves are very popular there.

Mint green tea keeps people hydrated and refreshed, which is why families in North Africa, especially those in desert areas, love drinking it.

Historically, tea leaves from China were brought along the Silk Road to North Africa. Both the Chinese and Arab peoples regard tea as an excellent drink for entertaining guests. Tea is not only an important part of business exchanges between China and Arab countries, but also a witness to the cultural integration between them.

(Web editor: Zhang Wenjie, Du Mingming)


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