CCTEB holds cultural exchange in the Philippines

(People's Daily Online) 15:22, May 05, 2023

China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co Ltd. (CCTEB) held a cultural exchange activity under the theme “Witness Happiness·Reading and Building: CCTEB's Open Day” at the New Brighton School of the Philippines on May 4. More than 60 senior one and two students, young employees of the KCC project of CCTEB, and school representatives participated.

Participants to the activity take a group photo. (Photo courtesy of CCTEB)

Before the activity, School President Josyl Agustin delivered a speech, saying that they welcome a reading and sharing activity from the CCTEB. CCTEB is an important subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) and has undertaken a large number of high-end buildings such as super-high-rise buildings and commercial complexes around the world. She hopes that students will love reading, enjoy reading, learn from reading, realize personal value, and encourage them to become excellent engineers in the future.

She believes that this reading and sharing activity will enhance everyone's understanding of Chinese culture and will further promote cultural exchanges between China and the Philippines. She is looking forward to more cultural exchange activities in the school.

School President Josyl Agustin delivers a speech. (Photo courtesy of CCTEB)

During the activity, Liu Jialiang, a young employee of the KCC project, discussed the overseas development of CCTEB and the social responsibility activities carried out in the Philippines, and shared Journey to the West, one of the four great Chinese classical novels, to the students. By explaining the background significance of the classical novel, the characteristics of the characters, the brief introduction of the story, and playing video clips of Journey to the West, students can vividly feel the charm of Chinese classic literature. After this, the students shared their favorite books and exchanged and interacted with each other.

Kimberly, a high school sophomore, said: "Journey to the West is an interesting book. It is difficult to learn Chinese, but it is very interesting. It is a great pleasure to know about CCTEB. I also want to be an engineer. If I have the opportunity, I want to go to Beijing to experience Chinese culture and China's high-rise buildings."

After the activity, the KCC project donated more than 50 Chinese and foreign books and e-readers to the high school, hoping that students can develop good reading habits, enhance wisdom and broaden their horizons.

Jane Alupit, the school librarian, thanked CCTEB for the donation. "The activity is great. It can be seen that they are very interested in Chinese culture and all of them are very happy," she said.

CCTEB’s staff donate books and e-readers to the school library. (Photo courtesy of CCTEB)

For a long time, CCTEB has actively contributed to the development of the Philippines. The drug rehabilitation center project constructed by CCTEB has been included in the China-Philippines Joint Statement, and social welfare activities such as donating desks and chairs to local elementary schools, helping communities to build basketball courts, and providing flood relief assistance have received thank you letters from the Philippine government, which continues to benefit the people of the Philippines.

(Web editor: Hongyu, Wu Chengliang)


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