Bringing new dynamism to villages: Xizhou in the eyes of an American

(People's Daily App) 10:13, October 10, 2022

Brian Linden was born and raised in Chicago and has lived for 18 years in Xizhou, Southwest China's Yunnan Province. Linden said that the core to village restoration in his opinion is people. In order to attract people to return to their villages, the local government invested a large amount of money to develop Xizhou's infrastructure, including water, electricity, transport and firefighting facilities. Then people returning brought new ideas, financial opportunities and new dynamism to the villages. Check out this video to see what China's rural vitalization looks like in this American's eyes.

(Produced by Xie Runjia, Lin Rui and Zhao Dantong; Intern Hou Chenchen also contributed to this story.)

(Web editor: Shi Xi, Hongyu)


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