Hit costume drama re-creates nation's cultural heyday

(China Daily) 09:54, July 06, 2022

Liu Yifei plays talented teahouse owner Zhao Pan'er in A Dream of Splendor, widely considered to have raised the bar for domestic costume romances. CHINA DAILY

A Dream of Splendor strikes a chord with women seeking work in big cities

When actor Chen Xiao arrived at a hotel in Zhejiang province early last year to shoot a scene for a costume production, he was somewhat nervous.

Appearing in the period drama A Dream of Splendor, which has become an online hit, was a daunting prospect for Chen, as he hadn't acted in such a production for a long time.

"The night before, I stayed in my room until midnight memorizing my lines, and I continued to do so after getting up the next morning," he said.

In the drama, Chen stars as Gu Qianfan, the deputy head of a secret royal agency, who interrogates a prisoner.

"I almost forgot my lines the first time, because I was too nervous," he said.

However, Chen's blushes were spared when Yang Yang, who directed the production, made a quick adjustment to the actor's next scene, in which Chen was required to lean against the wooden hull of a boat, rather than sitting in the vessel. This change gave Chen more time to relax and fully involve himself with the production.


(Web editor: Liang Jun, Bianji)