Feature: Mum's special training group celebrating luge gold of Beijing 2022

(Xinhua) 10:02, February 09, 2022

BERLIN, Feb 8 (Xinhua) -- The clubhouse of Natalie Geisenberger's home club ASV Miesbach in Bavaria turned into an enthusiastic party zone, while a little boy tried to hide behind his father to escape the scary noise.

Leo Geisenberger is 18 months old and might not have fully understood what was going on as he saw his mother on a big TV screen throwing kisses at him while tears of joy were running down her face.

The little boy might not even have spotted the medal hanging around the neck of his mother.

The victory at the 2022 Beijing Winter Games was Geisenberger's third consecutive Olympic gold after 2014 and 2018 in the women's single luge competition.

Two golden ones in the team event in Sochi and Pyeongchang aside from bronze in 2010, complete her story.

Geisenberger's husband Markus Scheer took care of little Leo as he always does since the couple decided to be a mother comes perfectly along with a sports career on the highest level.

Since then, Markus Scheer and Geisenberger's father Helmut, travel with Mum and son to allow training, competition, and family life.

To prove motherhood and professional sports can be successfully combined, might have been Geisenberger's most pushing motivation to restart after her baby break.

Together with German national team-colleague Dajana Eitberger, the 34-year-old set up an interest group on social media called "Mum's special training."

2018 silver medal winner Eitberger gave birth to her child in 2020 and returned to sports shortly after.

When Leo is getting older, he might get behind the details of his mother's concerns to leave her family behind for the 2022 Games addressing the rules of the Olympics in times of a pandemic.

His mother might tell him about nerve-wracking two days when she had to face four runs. She might tell him about a restless night after the first two races with her having taken the lead.

"I couldn't eat," she said after having a tiny chocolate bar and a small portion of cereals.

To push things through and end up in advance of 22-year-old Bavarian luge talent Anna Berreiter, came near a herculean task.

But in Beijing Geisenberger played out all of her experience to ward off the attempt of youngsters like German Julia Taubitz and Austrian Madeleine Egle.

"She can focus on the essentials in a competition like no others," Norbert Loch stated. The German head coach might have talked about the solid experience, strong nerves, and unlimited coolness. None of the 2022 competitors went through the track's tricky curves as she did.

During the 2021/2022 season ahead of the Beijing Games the golden-mum had to go through hard times as she couldn't beat her younger rivals.

Experts and media assumed the time of the young mother is over.

Geisenberger might as well retire after the Games in China. But before she faces the chance to win another gold medal when participating in the team event this week.

Her sixth gold would make her Germany's most successful winter athlete and for sure the country's most respected mum. 

(Web editor: Xia Peiyao, Liang Jun)


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