Final sections of China’s first cross-sea high-speed railway bridge successfully joined together

(People's Daily Online) 09:44, November 25, 2021

Recently, the Meizhou Bay cross-sea bridge linking up the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway, the first high-speed railway bridge in China to cross a seaway, was successfully erected in southeast China’s Fujian Province after its bridge sections were joined together.

According to reports, the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway will be China’s first cross-sea high-speed railway. Starting from Fuzhou, the railway goes southwards, bypassing Putian, Quanzhou, and Xiamen towards Zhangzhou at its final destination. With a total length of 278 kilometers, the railway is designed to allow trains to run at a top-speed of 350 kilometers per hour. As a crucial component in China’s high-speed railway network, the new railway line is expected to be put into operation in 2023.

As one of the major constructions projects for the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway, the cross-sea bridge stands at a total length of 14.7 kilometers, with the section above the ocean surface reaching 10.8 kilometers. Upon joining up all of the bridge sections, the tracks of the high-speed railway will be installed across its surface, which will mark the completion of an important node along the construction route for the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway, realizing the dream of a transoceanic view while aboard a locomotive.

In addition, the entire journey between Fuzhou and Xiamen will be shortened to within one hour after the high-speed railway is officially launched. After inaugurating the new route, a “30-minute golden transportation triangle” will come into being, which will significantly shorten the travel times between Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou in the region. 

(Web editor: Peng Yukai, Liang Jun)