In pics: Scenery of Dunhuang Yardang National Geopark

By Wu Chaolan (People's Daily Online) 13:14, October 29, 2021

Aerial photo taken on Oct., 17, 2021, shows the scenery at the Dunhuang Yardang National Geopark in Dunhuang, northwest China's Gansu Province. Located northwest of Dunhuang City, the Dunhuang Yardang National Geopark is famous for its windswept rock formations. (People's Daily Online/Lv Qiang)

The word "yardang" comes from the Uygur language, which means a "hill with steep walls". The yardang landforms are comprised of standstone and mudstone strata carved by wind, producing an ancient castle-like structure with many ridges and grooves. It is a common sight in northwest China.

Located northwest of Dunhuang, in northwest China's Gansu Province, the Dunhuang Yardang National Geopark covers an area of nearly 400 square kilometers. It is a geological miracle that is famous for its windswept rock formations. The sand and stones picked up by the wind are like sharp weapons, hacking away at the rock surface and carving out a variety of shapes. Every year hordes of tourists from across the world trek to Gansu to see the yardang, enjoying the stunning scenery offered by the spectacular geological landscapes.

Travelers can encounter the singing sand dunes, which have long generated a kind of spooky sound when the wind blows hard. And this is precisely why ancient people refer to this place as a "ghost city".


(Web editor: Wu Chaolan, Liang Jun)


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