Chongyang Festival Wonderful Tour: sword dance "Free and Happy"

(People's Daily Online) 10:28, October 20, 2021

The "Chongyang Festival Wonderful Tour" is a TV show based on the Double Ninth Festival, or the Chongyang Festival. Hosted by the Henan Broadcasting System (HBS) in central China's Henan province, the show has modernized the national spirit while taking traditional Chinese culture as the core. It inherited and developed the Chongyang Festival's custom, culture and etiquette while demonstrating Chinese values in various forms, in order to demonstrate a positive image of the ancient civilization.

A young hero, full of wisdom, was traveling around the world with a sword in hand. The performance "Free and Happy" extracted the cultural elements of the Chongyang Festival – climbing, hiking and drinking, combined with the charm of poetry and swordsmanship. This performance, full of vigorous activities, was lively and pleasant, creating the romance and heroic feelings embodied in poetry, swordplay and wine during the Tang and Song dynasties.

(Web editor: Xian Jiangnan, Liang Jun)


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