Ruins of ancient Egyptian city of Memphis

(Xinhua) 08:51, July 29, 2021

Photo taken on July 28, 2021 shows the statue of Sphinx at the ruins of ancient Egyptian city of Memphis, around 23 kilometers southwest to Cairo, capital of Egypt. Memphis, founded around 3,100 BC, was the capital of ancient Egypt during the Old Kingdom spanning from 2700-2200 BC and remained an important city throughout ancient Egyptian history. Today, the ruins of the former capital offer fragmented evidence of its past. Together with its necropolis (the pyramid fields from Giza to Dahshur), Memphis was inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 1979. The site is open to the public as an open-air museum. (Xinhua/Sui Xiankai)


(Web editor: Xia Peiyao, Liang Jun)


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