Question for the U.S.: How and when did Coronavirus start spreading?

(People's Daily Online) 08:48, July 28, 2021

For some time, some people in the US have made origin tracing a political issue and done everything to frame other countries with unreasonable suspicions. However, they are quite silent when it comes to how and when the novel coronavirus started spreading in their own country.

According to American media, the National Institutes of Health of the US has turned up evidence of coronavirus infections in five US states as early as December 2019. As many as 171 people in Florida may have been infected with COVID-19 before officials said the virus was in the state.

Donated blood check-ups in nine US states found that 106 blood samples, ranging from December 13, 2019 to January 17, 2020, tested positive for coronavirus antibodies. And what's on this list also includes Fort Detrick lab and the over 200 bio labs of the US overseas repeatedly questioned by the public.

To deceive the world, some American politicians even resort to “origin-tracing terrorism.” It is reported that multiple scientists committed to origin tracing with scientific principles have encountered political pressure, online abuse and even threats of harm just because they made impartial remarks on origin tracing.

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