Malicious U.S. attempts to damage Hong Kong's business reputation smack of hypocrisy, double standards: HKSAR gov't

(Xinhua) 13:34, July 17, 2021

HONG KONG, July 17 (Xinhua) -- The implementation of the national security law has reinforced Hong Kong's position as an international financial and business hub despite repeated attempts by the U.S. administration to slander the legislation over the last year, a spokesman of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government said Saturday.

The U.S. administration's latest attempt to issue a so-called "advisory" to U.S. businesses and individuals operating in Hong Kong based on totally ridiculous and unfounded fear-mongering about the situation in Hong Kong only serves to prove yet again its hypocrisy and double standards, driven by ideological hegemony, the spokesman said in a statement.

The spokesman also strongly condemned the so-called sanctions imposed on seven deputy directors of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR.

The purpose of the legislation is to ensure the full and faithful implementation of "one country, two systems," "Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong" and Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy, as well as safeguard national security and maintain prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, the spokesman said.

The cornerstone of Hong Kong's success remains intact, the spokesman said.

Hong Kong has not been undermined by the national security law, and on the contrary, it has become stronger, better and more attractive to businesses, the spokesman said, stressing that continuous pressure from the United States is not going to hamper those prospects.

The spokesman believes that foreign politicians, who continue to query and smear the national security law despite the clear evidence, were motivated by a broader geopolitical agenda to suppress China.

As a free and open economy and an international city, Hong Kong will continue to welcome overseas businesses, including U.S. businesses, to set up offices in Hong Kong and to use Hong Kong as their regional headquarters or regional offices, the spokesman said.

The abundant opportunities arising from the country's 14th five-year plan are appreciated by the international business community in Hong Kong as illustrated in their recent words and deeds about the business environment, the spokesman said.

(Web editor: Guo Wenrui, Bianji)


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