China's surveillance center helps pediatric cancer prevention, treatment

(Xinhua) 17:35, June 11, 2021

BEIJING, June 10 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese health expert Thursday commended a national cancer surveillance network's contribution to China's prevention, control, and treatment of pediatric cancers and blood disorders.

Since its inception on June 12, 2019, the National Center for Pediatric Cancer Surveillance has collected approximately 1.79 million registrations of pediatric cancers and blood disorders from 418 monitoring sites, Ni Xin, head of Beijing Children's Hospital, said at a press conference held by the National Health Commission.

The data went into the latest national pediatric cancer surveillance annual report, according to Ni. It helps build a profile of the distribution of such diseases countrywide, patients' cross-regional migration for treatment, and the financial burden incurred.

The surveillance enables China to develop a more comprehensive, scientific, and precise grip on the incidence of pediatric blood disorders and malignant tumors in the country. It provides scientific support for the authorities to hammer out strategies to prevent, control, and treat such diseases, Ni said.

(Web editor: Guo Wenrui, Hongyu)


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