One-handed village doctor sticks to post after retirement in Shanxi (10)

(Xinhua) 16:44, March 29, 2021

Zhang Shangbao (L) measures the blood pressure of a villager in Tietou Village of Shilou County, north China's Shanxi Province, March 24, 2021. Zhang, 61, who has only one hand, has been walking through the mountains day after day since 1976, safeguarding the health of the locals. There are more than 600 villagers living in 5 hamlets of Tietou Village tucked away in the Lyuliang Mountains. In the past, it was difficult to access healthcare, which had plagued the masses here for a long time. In 1976, Zhang Shangbao graduated from a health school at the age of 16 and returned to his hometown to work as a village doctor. From then on, Zhang started his life staying on call around the clock to see patients. Unfortunately, Zhang lost his right hand in an accident when he was 35. With the tenacity of not bowing to fate, he quickly mastered the skills of living on his own. Through repeated practice, Zhang also learned how to inject fluids, vaccinate and fill in health records with his left hand. Last April, Zhang Shangbao reached retirement age, but he chose to continue with his work. "As long as the villagers need me," He said, "I will stick to my post." (Xinhua/Zhan Yan)


(Web editor: Guo Wenrui, Hongyu)


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