Fuzhou: A blessed and beautiful city in southeast China 

(People's Daily Online) 14:42, March 26, 2021

The Three Lanes and Seven Alleys scenic spot bears the essence of Fuzhou, a famous cultural and historical city with a long history of several thousand years.

It has been praised as the “living fossil of the Lifang System of ancient China”

and is considered to be a metaphorical mirror for peering into half of the early modern period of Chinese history.

The skywalk in Fuzhou’s Fudao is surrounded by mountains and waterways, while being fully integrated into local ecological landscapes, and represents China’s longest pedestrian walkway built to serve the leisure and fitness needs of its citizens. Fudao skywalk is hailed as the most beautiful urban forest walkway in China. 

(Web editor: He Zhuoyan, Liang Jun)


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