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Commentary: Rubio, you’ve stooped to a new low by pushing the boundary of shameless

(People's Daily Online)    00:44, June 21, 2019

Who is Rubio? For most Chinese people, this name neither rings a bell, nor interests them at all. This American senator, however, is quite "obsessed" with China. As a Cuban American, he has repeatedly slashed Cuban authorities and the Cuban Communist Party, as well as venting a similar hatred on China, calling the nation "Communist China" and "Red China", thus being derided by Washington Post as "one of the Trump administration's loudest critics on China."

In the past few days, Rubio has once again made a fuss on media. Accusing China of "stealing" America's "intellectual property," this hypocrite has filed legislation that would prevent Chinese companies that are deemed by the U.S. government as threats, such as Huawei, from seeking damages in U.S. patent courts, slandering Huawei as a "patent troll."

On June 19, People's Daily Online English Edition issued a commentary, noting that this radical anti-China politician has finally "reared his ugly head." With a sensitivity to media coverage, Rubio has retweeted the article on his official twitter page, making a shameless comment: "When the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China attacks you, you know you are doing something right. "

It seems that Rubio is not only good at being a "political troll," but also excels in "political blackmailing." Indeed, we've never seen anyone that can stoop so low.

Rubio has been refreshing our perception of sense of shame time and time again. According to his absurd logic, terrorism, widely criticized by the Chinese media, has become a "right thing"?

Rubio, who has been acting as an anti-China clown, is a rising star in Republican politics. This 48-year-old man is not only politically extreme and stubborn, but also full of political ambitions. He has engaged in most of the anti-China proposals of the US Congress. Perhaps that's the image Rubio is trying to portray.

However, American netizens won't buy his story.

After he filed the legislation that would prevent Huawei from seeking damages in US patent courts, American netizens exclaimed the "patriotic thief"—someone who seems to be a patriot, but actually is doing nothing good for the country, even selling out — in the US Congress is making the US behave like a rogue on the world stage.

One netizen said, "I do not get that? You want China to respect US patents but the US would deny China's patent?" adding that the move is "really dumb."

Mr. Rubio, please answer the question!

With an outdated mindset such as "egoism", "you lose; I win" and the "zero-sum game", Rubio is spreading his wacky ideas around, even behaving as a rogue to show off his "intelligence". Unfortunately, his strong desire to express himself has revealed his political selfishness.

"I know some people are shameless, but this guy's shamelessness has reached a new level," a netizen's comment serves as the best annotation to Rubio's absurdity.

There is an old saying in China, "The feeling of shame is close to bravery". If Mr. Rubio doesn't understand it, we can give him another Chinese proverb: the ignorant are fearless.          

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