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Xi-Trump meeting boosts dynamism in China-US ties

(People's Daily)    08:49, April 10, 2017

Chinese President Xi Jinping concluded his visit to the US and his meeting with US President Donald Trump in Florida early Saturday morning (Beijing time). Although more detailed coverage of the very first meeting between the two world leaders has yet to surface at the time of this writing, major news organizations have published comments made by President Trump during Xi's visit. The US President was quoted as saying that "tremendous progress" has been made, and declaring this progress as "truly" and America's relationship with China as "outstanding."

It is reported that President Xi said at the meeting that "we have a thousand reasons to get the China-US relations right, and not one reason to spoil it." The Chinese leader went on to emphasize that cooperation is the only right choice for the two countries, and that China and the US have the capability of becoming great cooperative partners. President Xi invited President Trump for a state visit in China later this year. President Trump accepted and announced he was already looking forward to the visit.

President Xi also underlined the role of four newly established high-level mechanisms designed to help pave the way for a clearer flow of dialogue and cooperation between the two countries. The new mechanism in place will focus on areas of diplomacy and security, economy, law enforcement and cyber security, as well as social and people-to-people exchanges.

The Xi-Trump meeting in Florida has served as an indicator that the China-US relationship is still very much on course since the Trump administration took office in January. The US political system causes the two nations to adapt to leadership transitions periodically, once every four or eight years. Although the early days of the Trump administration transition was regarded with great uncertainty, it seems that both countries have understood the importance of how essential a smooth transition needs to be, and not just for the two countries involved here, but really for the entire world over.

The political and cultural differences between China and the US are patently obvious at a mere glance. Certainly the two countries have different styles when it comes to expressing the importance of the China-US relationship. Before the Florida summit meeting, the US tended to focus on political and economic differences while expressing concerns, while China emphasized steadiness and mutual interest. Despite the differences, the two powers expressed their respect for each other during the summit meeting. There is little doubt that the China-US relationship will remain stable on big issues despite whatever minor disputes may arise. A relationship model of this kind is unprecedented on the world stage.

The political ideologies between the two countries will, at one level or another, remain entangled. The bilateral relationship currently in place, fueled by both countries' dominance and cultural energy, is one that involves getting to know each other and then getting along with one other. A win-win scenario is indeed the only choice for both countries.

The Trump administration is not all that concerned with ideological issues, which makes it likely the two countries will develop a more pragmatic relationship. Both China and the US have increasingly believed in the pragmatic approach when it comes to solving issues that arise within their bilateral relationship. Both sides have emphasized the importance of communication in order to arrive at a solution. In cases when a solution cannot be reached, they will next try to minimize residual harm that the issue at hand could potentially bring to the overall China-US relationship. It is specifically this pragmatic approach that has now signified a new level of progress among powerful nations intent on maintaining relationships.

Although more detailed achievements regarding the Xi-Trump meeting will be made public, some specific achievements will not necessarily be remembered over the course of time. History will certainly value the approach of the world's top two economies in how they dealt with each other's issues. As all of this plays out on the world stage, time will only tell as to whether or not the two powers will be able to envision a long-term competitive and yet peaceful relationship. Human civilization can only benefit from the pragmatic efforts of both sides as it now embarks upon a new era.

The immediate effect of the two-day summit has experienced an influx of tremendous dynamism into the complicated China-US relationship. The world's anxieties over uncertainties can now find a level of solace through optimistic expectations. This transition is a masterpiece of erudite political wisdom. Mutual communication is increasing at a faster pace rather than the fomenting of some divulgences that can stymy the strongest of relationships. This is a fortunate time for all of humanity, something more beyond the China-US dynamic.

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