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How to live to be 100+?

By Wang Ao (People's Daily Online)    08:35, September 08, 2015
How to live to be 100+?
No.1 Longevous people eat a lot of whole grains, beans and seasonal vegetables.(Photo/People's Daily Online)

To find the path to long life and health, Dan Buettner, the famous American Longevity research expert, has studied the world's "Blue Zones," where elders live with vim and vigor to record-setting age. In light of Dan Buettner's study, Life Times, the famous health website of China, sums up 12 diet habits that help people live a long life.

No.1 Longevous people eat a lot of whole grains, beans and seasonal vegetables. Researches show that eating a plate of vegetables every day will decrease half risk of getting cancer within four years.

No.2 Eat meat for less than two times one week is good to health.

No.3 Eat about 85g fish every day such as sardine, salmon and yellow croaker.

No.4 People in "Blue Zones"(longevity regions) eat three eggs one week and only eat an egg once time.

No.5 Eat half a cup of cooked beans. Made up of 21 percent protein, 77 percent of complex carbohydrates and a small amount of fat, beans are good sources of dietary fiber. Rich in Vitamins and minerals, it has the higher nutrition value than a lot of food.

NO. 6 Eat whole wheat bread promotes digestion.

No. 7 Lessen the daily intake of sugar.

No. 8 Eating some nuts every day help decrease 20 percent of death risk, according to a 30 years’ study of Harvard University.

No.9 Drinking seven cups of water decreases the risk of blood coagulum.

No. 10 Drinking moderate amounts of wine can release pressure and promote health.

No. 11 Drinking green tea can decrease the risk of heart attack and cancer. People who drink moderate amount of coffee has lower risk of getting Alzheimer's disease and parkinsonism.

No. 12 Eating a variety of foods such as beans, grains, nuts and vegetables at the same time can offer the necessary amino acid for human beings.

The article is edited and translated from《想长寿吗?学学全球长寿地区的老人是如何吃饭的》, source: Life Times



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(Editor:Wang Ao,Liang Jun)

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