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Odd news:“carrying a rod and asking to be spanked”

By Zhang Yuan (People's Daily Online)    14:25, July 02, 2015

To get his girlfriend’s forgiveness, a student in a college in Chongqing recently made a very humble apology by carrying a rod and asking to be spanked. If you were the girl, would you forgive such a boyfriend?

Photo/Sina weibo of sichuanshenbianshi

The student got the idea form an well-known Chinese old story of “carrying a rod and asking to be spanked”. In the story, Lin Xiangru is a politician of the Warring States period. Old general Lian Po was jealous of his success and swore enmity with him. Lin decided not to confront Lian and said, the feud between him and Lian Po is a personal one and he cannot let his personal life ruin the kingdom!" When Lian Po heard of this, all his hatred turned into shame. Deciding to apologize to Lin, he strapped brambles to his bare back and walked from his house to that of Lin Xiangru's, begging for his forgiveness.

Notes of students admitted to China’s top universities sell like hot cakes

On June 28, six students who had been admitted to Tsinghua University and the University of Hong Kong sold their notes outside a venue for the high school entrance exam. Parents of those students who will enter high schools rushed to buy the notes.  


Thousand-year-old ‘gloomy wood’ detained by police after being refloated

A man in Huidong employed divers to refloat 50 tons of valuable ebony known as “gloomy wood”from a river, which cost him 30,000 yuan. But local villagers accused him of stealing state property and reported it to local police. The police got involved and detained all the wood.


22 officials involved in sex scandal in Fuzhou, China

Discipline Inspection Commission announced it has investigated and penalized three officials, who were involved in a sex scandal in Fuzhou, Southeast China's Fujian Province.


The case originated from Fuzhou Public Security Bureau's investigation into a blackmail case in October, 2014. One tea shop owner in Fuzhou used a young "tea girl" to seduce local officials, filmed their misconduct by a hidden camera, and extorted 200,000 yuan (around 32,000 US dollars) from each of the officials for the videos. One official refused to pay the ransom, claiming that he was single after divorce and was justifiably in a relationship with the "tea girl", and reported to the police for extortion.


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