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Elections to pave the way for political stability in Nepal: Yang Jiechi


17:15, June 25, 2013

KATHMANDU, June 25 (Xinhua) -- Yang Jiechi, state councilor of the People's Republic of China, said on Tuesday that the forthcoming elections would pave the way for political stability in Nepal.

He also expressed confidence that the political parties in Nepal will work towards that direction to fulfill the aspiration and expectations of the people.

Yang made the remarks while meeting with Khil Raj Regmi, chairman of the Council of Ministers, a press statement from the prime minister's office said. "Matters relating to bilateral relations, political process, including holding of the election in Nepal and other issues of mutual interest were discussed during the meeting," the statement said.

Yang said that China would like to see peace and development in Nepal and is happy to know that the election is taking place in Nepal in November this year, the statement said. "Welcoming the decision of the government to hold the election, he expressed the willingness of the government of China to extend full support to the government," the statement said.

The visiting state councilor also expressed the desire of the government of China to work together to enhance the Nepal-China Comprehensive Partnership of Cooperation for the mutual development of both countries. He also informed that China is always ready to extend its help in the socio economic development of Nepal.

Yang Jiechi also expressed sympathy from the government and people of China for the loss of lives and property caused by the recent floods which hit the mid and Far Western region of Nepal.

The meeting was followed by the signing of agreements.

Earlier in the meeting, Chairman Regmi expressed satisfaction at the ever-growing Nepal-China relationship and expressed belief that it would be further strengthened in the days to come. They also emphasized on the importance of high level visits in strengthening existing relations, according to the statement.

Chairman Regmi stated that Nepal is firmly committed to One- China policy and reaffirmed its stand that the territory of Nepal will not be allowed to be used to any activities against China.

Chairman Regmi expressed appreciation of the Chinese assistance to Nepal in various sectors of socio-economic development, including support to the peace process, and expressed hope that an enhanced cooperation from China would continue in future as well.

Chairman Regmi briefed Yang on the current political situation in his country and mentioned that the government of Nepal has already declared the date of election to the Constituent Assembly as 19 November 2013 and is making all efforts towards making it free, fair and fear-free, involving all the political parties through dialogue and cooperation.

He expressed thanks to the government of China for its logistic support to the elections, the press statement from the prime minister's office said.

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