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Chinese dream can help realize "New Nepal": experts


08:25, June 13, 2013

KATHMANDU, June 12 (Xinhua) -- Chinese dream can assist Nepal to realize the dream of "New Nepal", experts on China affairs said here on Wednesday.

Former Nepali Ambassador to China Rajeshwore Acharya said that Chinese dream is the initiative by Chinese leadership to build China into a powerful, independent, prosperous and awakened nation by means of national rejuvenation.

"The new leadership of China is on its way to fulfill the dream of Chinese compatriots for good living with proper education, health, employment under good governance," Acharya said.

Nepali leaders should learn a lot from Chinese dream to make the vision of "New Nepal" come true, Acharya told Xinhua.

"New Nepal" has become a popular term among Nepali citizens since the fall of Nepali monarchy on May 28, 2008.

He suggested that Nepali political leaders think about the potentials in the development of hydropower and other infrastructure projects as well as commercial farming of vegetables, fruits and medicinal herbs while taking the goodwill of China into consideration.

Echoing Acharya's view, Madan Regmi, president of China Study Center in Nepal, said he is very hopeful that Chinese dream will bring prosperity to its Himalayan neighbor in tandem.

"Chinese leadership has a vision of distributing the dividends of development equally to every citizen of the country and China has showed willingness to share the prosperity for regional development as well," Regmi told Xinhua.

Nepal should also welcome political and social participation of China in the areas of development for mutual benefit, he added.

Dr. Upendra Gautam, a China affairs expert and secretary general of China Study Center in Nepal, said he believed that China, a country with a purpose, has brought its dream as a comprehensive expression of new leadership that legitimately represents its vision and purpose.

"While Chinese dream inspires Nepal for its inclusive, united, just, distributive and equal development paradigm, it also logically underscores the per-requisite for Nepal of developing its national capability to secure itself first," said Gautam.

"Ability to dream and dream high for the motherland, indeed, reflect the quality of one's love to the country, leadership, integrity, courage and determination," he added.

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