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Chinese dream is dream of whole humanity: Nepal's former PM


14:51, May 26, 2013

KATHMANDU, May 26 (Xinhua) -- Nepal's former Prime Minister and Vice-Chairman of Unified Communist party of Nepal (Maoist) Baburam Bhattarai said that Chinese dream is a dream of whole humanity as well as of Nepalese people.

The former prime minister, who is known as a Communist ideologue in his party, said in a recent exclusive interview with Xinhua, that Chinese dream is a dream of oppressed humanity of the world who has been dominated by foreign power for more than 200 years.

Referring to the significance of Chinese dream, Bhattarai said China has to play a leading role to bring peace, stability and development in the world.

In the interview, he said focus of development is now shifting to east and south Asia and China is going to lead that process through its new dream.

Comparing Chinese dream with American dream, the 59-year-old Maoist leader, said the earlier so-called western dream was the domination of world in the colonial form or neocolonialism form.

"But Chinese dream is ending of that domination and granting freedom to all people of the world and ensuring peace, prosperity and democracy to all. So Chinese dream is fundamentally different from the older day's dream of the western world," he opined.

The former Prime Minister Bhattarai who is known as architect of social and economic development said Chinese dream will contribute towards economic prosperity of Nepal and will ensure national independence and sovereignty as well.

Asked about Nepal's dream, the Maoist leader who is second in command in his party, and also the key strategist during the ten- year-long people's war, said after gaining political stability our dream of building a prosperous and develop Nepal will be realized.

"If there is political stability here and if there is correct political leadership, and if there is well balanced relations with our neighboring countries China and India, then we can develop and we can realize our dream," said Bhattarai.

He said that after promulgation of a new constitution, Nepal will invite economic investment from both China and India and then will try to have some joint projects with both India and China.

"In that way gradually this dream of trilateral cooperation and Nepal emerging as a vibrant bridge between India and china will be realized," he said.

Asked about the India's unwillingness to strike a trilateral cooperation between Nepal, India and China, who gained his higher education from India said a section of people everywhere gets skeptical.

"I believe even in India, this opinion is slowly gaining momentum and soon there will be massive moments to have good relation between India and China and have a trilateral relation between Nepal. It will take some time but ultimately it will be realized, Bhattarai said.

While Bhattarai was prime minister of Nepal, he took initiation to bring Chinese investment in some hydro power projects, construction of regional airport in Pokhara and construction of certain infrastructure in Kathmandu valley. The former prime minister has not yet visited China.

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