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Boao Forum for Asia makes China, world closer

(People's Daily Online)

16:44, April 10, 2013

From April 6 to 8, Boao, in South China's Hainan province, attracted global attention again. Since the launch in 2011, Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) has gone through 12 extraordinary years.

"In the past 12 years since its birth, the Boao Forum for Asia has become an important forum with growing global influence. In the Chinese culture, 12 years form a zodiac cycle. In this sense, the Boao Forum has reached a new starting point and I hope it will scale an even greater height", said Chinese president Xi Jinping during the opening ceremony of the forum.

Over the past 12 years, the position and role of the Boao Forum for Asia has gradually changed. It is rooted in China, based in Asia and eyes the world. It has transformed into "Asia's Davos" and provided "thought feast" for the common development of China, Asia and the world.

In the past years, Asian region has realized group "rise", and deeply changed the pattern of world economy and foreign exchange.

"Chinese dream", coming to reality little by little, is closely linked with "Asia's dream" and "world's dream".

China's development brings global benefits

The year of 2001 was marked by two historical events: the inauguration of the Boao Forum for Asia in February and China's accession into the World Trade Organization in November.

Looking back to the past 12 years, the Boao Forum for Asia, as a world forum with increasingly rising influence, is steadily and quickly walking towards the center of world arena.

Over these years, China's economy has kept continuous and steady increase; in the 12 years China has frequently created miracles, achieved greater development and benefited the world.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia, Chinese president Xi said that by 2020, China's GDP and per capita incomes for urban and rural residents will double the 2010 figures, and the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects will be completed. By the mid-21st century, China will be turned into a modern socialist country which is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious; and the Chinese dream, namely, the great renewal of the Chinese nation, will be realized.

Chinese dream is not a dream of one person but a dream of 1.3 billion Chinese people, said Ya-Qin Zhang, corporate vice president of Microsoft, and chairman of Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group (ARD).

China makes efforts in pursuit of Chinese dream and brings global benefits. In recent 10 years, Chinese economy has ascended from No. 6 to No.2 in the world, accounting for 10 percent of world's total output. China has become an important force in promoting economic and social development of Asia and the world.

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Read the Chinese version: 博鳌论坛12年折射中国与世界交融嬗变

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