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Chinese Consul General Gao Zhansheng says farewell to friends in San Francisco

By Han Shasha (People's Daily Online)

15:21, March 13, 2013

Chinese Consul General in San Francisco Gao Zhansheng delivered a farewell address at the reception on Mar.12, 2013. (Photo by Mu Li/People’s Daily Online)

A farewell reception for Chinese Consul General Gao Zhansheng was held on March 12 at the Consul General’s Residence in San Francisco.

More than 100 guests were invited, including Mayor of San Francisco Edwin Lee to bid farewell to Mr. Gao Zhansheng after his five-year tenure in San Francisco.

Consul General Gao delivered a farewell address. He gave his appreciation for the hospitality and support from people of all walks of life in the consular district. He said that he has traveled to virtually every corner of the consular district that the consulate covers. He said, “wherever I go, I have been touched by the warmth, hospitality and sincerity of the American people.”

As the 10th China’s Consul General in San Francisco, Gao Zhansheng said that he probably was the luckiest one who witnessed an unprecedented expansion of the interactions across the board between China and the consular district.

He reviewed the accomplishments achieved in economic and cultural exchanges, especially the increasingly frequent people-to-people exchanges.

He highlighted that as China and the United States are working hard towards meeting respective objectives and looking for new areas of mutual interest, he believes the bilateral relationship is poised to grow stronger. He emphasized “I am convinced about that and very confident about the future.”

Edwin Lee, mayor of San Francisco presented a proclamation and thanked Mr. Gao for his successful efforts to enhance and expand the relations between the United States and China.

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