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Ambassador: Sino-Canadian ties in best period

(People's Daily Online)

07:16, January 30, 2013

Guy Saint-Jacques (left), Canadian Ambassador to China, pays a visit to the People’s Daily Online and meets with Guan Jianwen (right), vice president of People’s Daily Online, Jan. 29, 2012. (People’s Daily Online/Li Zhe)

Guy Saint-Jacques, Canadian Ambassador to China, praised the remarkable progresses China has achieved since the country’s reform and opening-up drive began in the late 1970s as he gave an exclusive interview Tuesday. He visited the People’s Daily Online at the invitation of Qiangguo Forum, the most well-known BBS in China.

Guy Saint-Jacques was appointed as Canadian ambassador to China last December. “I’m very glad to take this appointment because the current ties between Canada and China have entered the best period in history,” said the ambassador.

Reform and opening-up is significant for China’s development and brought dramatic changes to China’s society, said the ambassador.

The first impression about China was the streets where few private cars could be seen during his visit in 1984, when the reform and opening-up just started up, the ambassador recalled.

When he worked in China from 1995 to 1999, the economic changes stimulated by the reform were eminent.

Nowadays, another prominent change is taking place in China’s media sector, which is moving forward in the direction of diversification and innovation.

“Media is playing a vital role in China’s social development. I wish a bright prospect for Chinese media,” said the ambassador.

The ambassador’s visit came shortly before China’s Spring Festival. He said that the atmosphere of Chinese New Year can be felt in a number of Canadian cities, for example, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

Chinese has become the third most spoken language in Canada following English and French. There are about 600,000 Chinese living in Toronto, the biggest city in Canada.

The Sino-Canadian ties are very rosy now but many Canadians’ knowledge about China is relatively obsolete and limited, Guy Saint-Jacques said he is willing to introduce the latest information about China to more Canadians.

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