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Spy scandal prompts security review in Canada


15:10, October 12, 2012

OTTAWA, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Canada is reviewing its security procedures after a navy intelligence officer recently admitted passing military secrets to Russians, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said Thursday.

During an unrelated press conference in Calgary, Alberta, he said that, with the nature of threats constantly changing due to the Internet and cyber-security issues, intelligence agencies have to be "more aware of potential threats and move to act proactively."

Toews said he expects Canada's reputation with its allies to remain intact, pointing out that such breaches are not unique to Canada and have also occurred in the United States.

Every time there is a compromise of information, Canada cooperates closely with its allies to ensure that "we minimize any damage that might have been done or ascertain the extent of that damage," Toews added.

"Given the extensive sharing of information that occurs between the Five Eyes community -- Great Britain, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia -- our agencies are always concerned when there is any compromise of security and we work very closely together."

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