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Wen, Yingluck discuss friendly China-Thailand ties


09:00, November 22, 2012

BANGKOK, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao held talks Wednesday with Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on bilateral friendly ties.

As friendly neighbors from ancient times, China and Thailand had maintained close contact and nurtured a firm friendship, giving body to the notion that "China and Thailand are one family," Wen said.

Against the backdrop of complicated and profound changes in international and regional situations, China stood ready to work with Thailand to support and help each other to seek common development, he said.

Wen also highlighted the need for the two sides to maintain high-level exchanges and further promote coordination in regional affairs so as to facilitate regional peace, stability and prosperity.

China and Thailand enjoyed a number of favorable conditions and broad prospects for future cooperation, the Chinese premier said.

China was willing to make concerted efforts with Thailand to actively implement the five-year project for economic and trade cooperation signed by the two sides and advance cooperation in infrastructure construction in areas such as transportation and water conservancy, agriculture and mutual investments, Wen said.

China attached great importance to exchanges with Thailand in the areas of culture and education, and was ready to help improve Chinese language teaching in Thailand and promote cooperation in tourism and youth exchanges between the two nations, he said.

Yingluck extended congratulations to the successful 18th national congress of the Communist Party of China, voicing belief China would continue to move forward steadily and play a more active role in the world.

Relations between Thailand and China had made substantial progress in all areas, she said, adding that Thailand unswervingly pursued friendly policies with China and would like to enhance contact between the two countries at all levels.

She voiced her hope that the two countries would focus on manufacturing, agricultural products and infrastructure construction to promote bilateral trade and investment and to improve interconnection in the region.

Enhancing local cooperation and people-to-people and cultural exchange was of great importance and enjoyed broad prospects, she said.

After the talks, the two leaders attended the signing ceremony of bilateral cooperation documents.

Also on Wednesday, Wen and Yingluck attended the inauguration ceremony of the Chinese Culture Center in Bangkok.

They spoke highly of the traditional friendship between the two countries and pledged to further enhance people-to-people and cultural exchanges to deepen the understanding and friendship between the two peoples.


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