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Commentary: Cooperation essential for future China-U.S. relations


19:28, November 07, 2012

BEIJING, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- China's attention to the U.S. presidential election shows how intertwined the two major countries have become.

No U.S. president can avoid relations with China in the next four years, as bilateral trade is likely to top 500 billion U.S. dollars this year and nearly 10,000 people travel between the two countries each day.

Generally speaking, China-U.S. relations have made steady progress over the past four years.

Through their common understanding on building a cooperative partnership based on mutual respect and mutual benefit, the two countries have defined each other's role and their relationship in a clearer and more positive way.

Dialogues between the two countries are smoother and more effective. Chinese and U.S. heads of state have held 12 meetings over the past four years, and at least 90 dialogue mechanisms operate between the two governments, including 18 that have been established since 2008.

The two countries work together in many aspects besides trade, including science, energy, culture and international affairs.

However, disputes between the world's largest developed and developing countries are apparent and there is always a risk of confrontation.

China seeks to develop and engage with the international community in a peaceful way. It wants to build a new type of relationship -- one defined by mutual benefit and cooperation -- with major countries.

Whereas, there remains the antiquated attitude in which an emerging player is considered as a threat to established ones and should be suppressed. This mindset has led to much unrest and even world wars in the past, but has yet to be abandoned.

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