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Parents' desperate efforts to save baby

By Li Qian  (Shanghai Daily)

13:11, July 15, 2013

A baby boy died after becoming wrapped up in a quilt, despite a desperate hospital dash by his parents.

They had left the seven-month-old child for about an hour on Thursday after feeding him.

Checking on him in early evening, and found their son wrapped in the quilt and barely breathing.

Crying for help, the couple drove the child to Huadong Hospital, after seeing it from an elevated road.

The child had turned blue and had no heartbeat on arrival at Huadong about 6:05pm. Doctors there attempted to resuscitate the child, said doctor Zuo Gang.

However, Huadong doesn't have a pediatric department. An ambulance was then called to take the baby to Shanghai Children's Hospital about 7:10pm. There the child was pronounced dead.

Doctors said he may have suffocated after becoming wrapped up in the quilt, or may be a victim of "infant muggy syndrome" - where infants overheat after being swaddled in thick bedding.

Medics warned parents that infant muggy syndrome also occurs in summer months, as many families use air conditioning and cover their babies with quilts.

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