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Shanghai releases first food safety blacklist


19:40, June 19, 2013

SHANGHAI, June 19 (Xinhua) -- The Shanghai Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday released a list of companies and individuals who have violated food safety rules.

Enterprises that are blacklisted will receive administrative punishment at the highest level and their executives will be banned from operating food businesses, according to a blacklist mechanism that took effect in March.

Gu Zhenhua, deputy director of the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, said Shanghai will gradually set up a food safety credibility system.

Enterprises that lose credibility will have to contend with restricted market access, while those that abide by the rules will enjoy preferential policies, Gu said.

Shanghai is not the only city to roll out stricter food safety regulations.

The Beijing municipal government also introduced a strict law and accountability system earlier this year to ensure food safety in the city.

Food producers or vendors will be banned from working in the industry for life if they are found producing or selling unsafe food, according to a regulation that became effective on April 1.

The regulation also states that the executives of companies involved in food safety violations and people who are found to be responsible for food safety problems will not be allowed to operate in the industry for five years after their firms' licenses are revoked.

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