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Expats told to share views on fee hikes

(Shanghai Daily)

09:55, May 28, 2013

Shanghai's tourism authorities said yesterday they will listen to the expatriates before deciding to hike the entrance fees to major scenic spots in the city.

Tourist sites have been told to make the public aware of plans to increase the admission fees six months before the actual hike, said Yang Jinsong, director of the Shanghai Tourism Bureau.

The admission to some of the scenic spots such as the Shanghai Wildlife Park, the Shanghai Zoo and the Chenshan Botanic Park are set by the government as they are built with public fund, while the prices of some tourist attractions, which are operated by companies who have invested in them, like the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the Jin Mao Tower, are set by their operators, Yang said.

The new tourism law to be implemented in October states that a public hearing must be held before any fee hikes, and expats and tourists from China will be asked for their opinions on the feasibility and necessity of the price hike, Yang said.

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