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Wind, rain cause minor transport problems

By  Ni Yinbin and Zha Minjie   (Shanghai Daily)

09:52, May 27, 2013

A woman's scarf blows in the wind yesterday at the Bund.(Shanghai Daily)

Strong winds and rain caused minor transport problems around Shanghai yesterday but the forecast calls for warm weather this week with intermittent showers.

Wind gusting up to 74 kilometers per hour caused some transport delays and minor damage.

The weather bureau issued a blue gale alert at 11:15am, the lowest on the four-scale warning system.

Around 1pm, scaffolding at a wet market under repairs in Hongkou District collapsed due to strong winds. No one was reported injured.

The bureau said the wind will die down today.

Some high-speed train services along the Beijing-Shanghai, Shanghai-Hangzhou and Shanghai-Nanjing routes reported long delays due to the bad weather yesterday, according to the railway operator.

The Shanghai-Beijing route had the most with at least nine services delayed by late yesterday. Delays ranged from 36 minutes to more than one hour, railway officials said.

The wind also delayed ships entering and leaving the city's ports yesterday. Ports in Jinshan District were shut down over safety concerns as they mainly handle dangerous chemical goods, port authorities said.

Showers are expected today and the temperature will range between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius, the weather bureau said yesterday.

The rain should end by tomorrow and the high should rise to about 29 degrees, the bureau said.

The high should hit 32 degrees on Wednesday but drop again on Thursday and Friday.

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