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Street talk about jaywalking

(China Daily)

10:01, May 09, 2013

Cui Fei, 28, Beijing resident

"Why didn't the government consult the public before launching this regulation? Why didn't they ask the people's opinion on this issue? I didn't know about this rule until the day the police started to ticket jaywalkers.

We shouldn't jaywalk, of course, but I think Beijing residents have the right to participate in the legislative process. There are so many people jaywalking all over the city. I just wonder if there are enough police to make this work.

Traffic police in many parts of the country have launched a campaign to strengthen punishments for jaywalkers. (Photo by You You / for China Daily)

I doubt that the traffic police will be able to catch and fine all the jaywalkers, and if that's the case, what's the point of this regulation?

It reminds me of the yellow light policy (where running a yellow light became equal to running a red, costing drivers 6 penalty points on their license - 12 points meant that their license was suspended). That rule was deeply unpopular with the public and was suspended after just six days.

I don't think the jaywalking regulation will work, or last long. It was probably just made up on a whim by a group of officials."
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