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China fulfills its duty to push for resumption of peace talks

(People's Daily Online)

08:12, May 08, 2013

Edited and translated by Liang Jun, People's Daily Online

The almost simultaneous visits to China by Palestinian President Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu caused world attention and speculation. Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Abbas in Beijing on Monday and Netanyahu arrived in Shanghai on the same day for his five-day visit to China.

Analysts think how China will promote the resumption of peace talks is the focus of the parties concerned.

China's attitude towards the Palestinian-Israeli issue consistent

"Why has China become high profile?" This is some media outlets' recent comments about the two leaders' China visits. Reuters said China hosted Palestinian and Israeli leaders in a bid for strengthening its influence in the Middle East region. And AFP said "Beijing has traditionally remained distant from Middle Eastern affairs, although it has begun to take a more active diplomatic role in recent years."

China's attitude towards the Palestinian-Israeli issue is always the same, namely, peace talks, according to Zhu Weilie, honorary director of the Middle East Studies Institute at Shanghai international Studies University. Although China is not the member of the Middle East Quartet talks, China's special envoy to the Middle East issue has strived for mediation since 2002.

Currently, the Arab world has entered a transition period, during which, China, as a responsible power, can make a difference. It will help shape a fair and reasonable regional order in the Middle East and it is also the practice of the principle of China's diplomacy, peaceful development and win-win cooperation.

With the turmoil in the Arab world slowing down, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict attracts worldwide attention again. Both parties are willing to negotiate, said Hua Liming, special research fellow of China Institute of International Studies.

More importantly, Palestine and Israel, even the whole Mideast region hope China can play a bigger role in the Middle East as China has solid relationships with both of them.

Read the Chinese version: 推动巴以复谈,中国尽到责任

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