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L'Occitane cream fails quality check

By Hu Min (Shanghai Daily)

10:31, May 08, 2013

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China's top quality watchdog has destroyed some of L'Occitane's scrubbing cream which were imported from France by its Shanghai company for containing excessive levels of lead.

The batch of products were waiting customs clearance when they were destroyed.

A total of 901.75 kilograms of L'Occitane's Amande Almond Delicious Paste failed tests for excessive amount of lead, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said.

Excessive amounts of lead in the body harm the nervous and reproductive systems and can cause high blood pressure and anemia.

It can also lead to convulsions, coma and even death, slows children's growth and causes abortion and premature birth, doctors warned.

At the Nanjing Road W. branch of the French beauty-products maker, a staff member said the almond scrubbing cream was not available and had been removed from the shelves recently for formula change. L'Occitane Shanghai was not available for comment.

A Bobbi Brown whitening and moisturizing lotion imported by Estee Lauder Shanghai was also destroyed as 3 kilograms of the product were found to have package and sign problems.

A total of 19 batches of food products, mainly cheese and cream, imported by METRO hypermarket Shanghai and made by Fromi Rungis Sas, a cheese maker in France, were destroyed because it was past the expiry date.

These products were among 165 imported food and cosmetic items found to be substandard in March. Beverages, cheese, chocolates, candies, baby formula, snacks and beer were the other items. They had either expired, had excessive bacteria, excessive metal and color agents, registered high acid levels or had labeling problems, the administration said.

Among other products found to be substandard were some Pringles potato crisps (chips) of BBQ taste imported by the Beijing company of US-based Procter & Gamble.

It was found to contain excessive bacterial colony.

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