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Death toll of Italian container ship accident rises to 7

Xinhua)  09:18, May 09, 2013  

This photo released by Italian Vigili del Fuoco (Italian fire service) shows rescue workers inspecting the debris of the collapsed control tower at north Italy's Genoa port on May 8, 2013. The death toll of the Italian ship's accident in the northern Genoa port rose to seven late on Wednesday while more were injured or missing. Divers were still searching bodies trapped in the underwater rubble of a 50-meter-tall control tower that was demolished by the container ship Jolly Nero on Tuesday night. The ship, 239 meters long and with a gross tonnage of nearly 40,600 tonnes, suddenly crashed into the concrete and glass tower while maneuvering out the port in calm conditions. (Xinhua/Italian Vigili del Fuoco)

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