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Bear attacks monkey in circus show accident at city zoo

By Hu Min (Shanghai Daily)

16:03, May 08, 2013

( Video Snapshot)

A monkey in the Shanghai Wild Animal Park was attacked by a bear during a circus show on Sunday afternoon.

The monkey was riding a bicycle when it fell off and a bear grabbed the monkey with its mouth. A video footage showed three animal keepers tried to separate the bear and the monkey with sticks, but failed.

However, the monkey survived the bite, the park said.

The video was posted on Weibo microblogging site and it immediately triggered a uproar from netizens who criticized the park for staging cruel animal shows.

One Weibo user by the name of "cuipi_jin" said animals should not be trained for performance. "There should be a law to protect the rights of animals," he said.

China still lacks a law on animal protection.

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